September 9th~ Babies on the way

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My friend and I are breeding our hamster and are about to do it in the next few days. We are pre finding homes so that they have homes to go to. I thought I might advertise on my blog in hopes that someone would like to buy them. I have posted an ad on craigslist as well. Im really excited and planning to keep one. EEEh! Im so excited. I cant wait for them to mate and for the babies to come. So if you live in bc canada and are near the south surrey area check out my craigslist add and contact me to buy one :

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September 4th part 2

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Boohoo. Houdini gave me such a heart attack today. We were playing with him when I realized his one cheek seemed very full and painful for him to touch. I felt it and there was a bunch of crap but most distinctly a large round solid circular thing that had no center(like a doughnut). My mother and i became very worried so i tried to gently massage it toward the front of his mouth to remove it.  He wouldn’t open up so it seemed there was nothing we could do. When I placed him in his cage it seemed like he just immediately lay down where I had put him. And he proceeded to lay there with is eyes open. I kept gently stroking him o make sure he would react and that he wasn’t dead (he is over a year old). I finally put his cage somewhere not to cool or warm and placed a sheet over top to provide shade and make his home dimmer. Bright lights would just stress him out. I was so worried and posted all over the hamster hideout forums asking for help. I was even at the point of trying to find human pain meds that were safe for hamsters. Finally, I just checked on him and he had spat out what was in his cheek. It was a toothpaste cap and i am so glad. Thecap was actually from my dogs toothpaste and I figure it must have been on the couch when I was playing with him and because it smells like beef or chicken or something, he immediately popped it into his cheek.  He is much better and doesn’t seem to be in any pain anymore. I am very glad.


September 4th

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Hey guys. Today I had a lot of fun with the hamsters. I played with mine and my brothers and my friends all individually. They all have very different personalities. Houdini is very calm and slow. He is about a year old. So cute and i love him. He is my brothers hamster which i recently bought for him. After I got my hamster my brother just couldn’t help himself and really really wanted one so I happened to be browsing face book and i noticed that there was a lot of hamsters for adoption and I found one that was really cute that I thought my brother would love. I bought it along with its cage and all its supplies for just 45 dollars. He loves it a lot. Smudge has been sleeping a lot lately and eating a lot lately as well as not using his wheel and he is getting fat so throughout the day i have to wake him up to come out and play. He is only awake for about 3 hours at night so he is going to be very fat soon if i don’t make him exercise. But i love smudge. My friend chelseas hamster is very cute and mild tempered. All that thing ever does is run on its annoyingly loud wheel but as soon as you take it out of its cage it becomes one of the most calm hamsters you have ever had the pleasure to play with. I got some cute photos of them all and I shall make a photo gallery page of my and friends hamsters so you guys can see the pics of them. I had a lot of fun playing with them and tomorrow I plan to do the same thing again so i can upload more photos. Teehee :3

September 1st

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ACK so sad!!!! I tried to enter a hamster of the month contest on a hamster chat forum and I thought my photo was way better quality and way cuter than most of the other photos but mine wasn’t chosen. The moderators choose up to 12 different hamsters to be voted for and I am so surprised mine didn’t make it…that’s so sad BUT I refuse to let it bother me. Anyways so I am taking care of my friends hamster for a few days now but its AWFUL. I hate taking care  of her hamster because it has the most loud wheel ever and it is annoying me so much. I really dont know what to do. I had to put the cage two rooms down from me and cover it ina blanket to be able to sleep. Usually I will just put my hamster in the closet at night so that I can sleep but gosh it was terrible. But her hamster is so adorable! I will post some pictures later of him. My friend went to go boating on a catamaran for about a week until school. I dont have much to post about right now but i will post the pcture of my hamster that I entered but couildnt win with.


August 31st

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Ive got hamster cage fever. I am going INSANE. I never realized the kind of savings you can find on craigslist. I have found 2 crittertrail bubble cages fr 5 dollars each and a 3 level cage for 10 dollars and I have also found a habitrail ovo loft which i am buying for 35 DOLLARS!!!! Thats so cheap considering it costs almost 90 in stores. My hammy will have a HUGE cage when Im done and I can’t wait to post the photos. Im starting to wonder about smudge though. He has become increasingly lazy in the past few days and didnt even run on his wheel last night. HE SLEPT. Yes I know, insane, a hamster sleeping at NIGHT? I don’t even know what the heck he is thinking in his little head but he is getting fat. Speaking of fat my brothers hamster is also quite heavy. We received him in that condition. My brother absolutley refused to put him on a diet until I told him that obesity can kill hamsters early. He freaked out because his hamster Houdini is already a year old. Anyways if anyone knows what is wrong with my hammy, (though I doubt there is anything) just post a comment. When I get all my cages I will post photos of them all.

Death in the Form of A Cage

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If you  have a hamster, gerbil, mouse, or rat (or anything of this sort) or are planning to get one, DO NOT BUY ALL LIVING THINGS STARTER KITS. Unless of course you would like your hamster to have to have it’s leg amputated. A hamster owner was in total shock when she awoke to find her poor hammy hanging from his leg which was stuck to a part of the cage and bleeding everywhere. The cage was red as red could be. The hamsters leg got stuck on a wire at the top of the cage. If the owner hadnt woken up when they did, her hamster would have died. In fact the hamster almost died when she found it. When she finally pried the wire off her poor hamsters foot, the foot was hanging of the hammy. Below are some photos of post surgery and the part of the cage where the hamster got caught. These cages have series faults and should not be bought by any person.


This is the amputated leg after surgery.


Here you can see where the hamster got caught.


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I am slightly obsessed with hamtaro so I had to blog about it. I am trying to find all the episodes in some sort  of dvd box set that I can buy but that isnt going so well. I love animes and no doubt hamtaro is no exception. I have watched episodes 1-27 at this website : It has everything hamtaro related infact it is a website dedicated to hamstaro. I had to stop watching the videos which made me sad 😦 Our internet provider said that our computer would say we were downloading something when i watched it which meant that our internet got cut off. I did not know that it was technically illegal but ya. You can download form this website but I didnt. Anyways, I love hamtaro and I even have one of the gameboy advance games and plan on getting another soon. I have ham-ham heartbreak and I want to get rainbow rescue but it is a hard game to find. ALthough the hamtaro series is cancelled, in japan they are still airing what is called ‘Hamutaro Haai!’ They are short 5 min episodes like those short animations you see in between cartoon shows. The characters look different and its to appeal to much younger audiences. And to all those who deny hamtaro and bijou liked each other and were meant to be, play ham ham heartbreak first. The ending proves their love for each other. Just you see!


Some Cute Photos :3

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I just thought I would start my first post on my blog with some pictures of my fave little buddy, smudge. I also have another hamster (he is actually my brothers) and his name is Houdini. I will post a pic of him as well. Smudge is just over a month old while Houdini is a year and one month but we just adopted Houdini about a week ago. I am a huge hamster fanatic and if you ever come try to talk to me I swear to god all I will talk about is hamsters or for the most part anyways. So ya and by the way im working on a different hamster website at: Its totally under construction and really lame now but im sure it will be better in the future. Also that website if it gets enough traffic will soon be off wordpress and instead a website on its own. ANYWAYS ill post the pics now.

My hamsteriffic friends 011

This is smudge going through a tube.

My hamsteriffic friends 016


My hamsteriffic friends 022

Munching on something

My hamsteriffic friends 023

Hiding out

My hamsteriffic friends 008

This is Houdini. I will take a better photo soon.

I hope you enjoyed those photos. I promise to post soon and most likely i will again today.